Hastings Leader - 2021-11-24


Amy, from her closest friend


Tony Nielsen

My Amy by Tyler James, MacMillan, $39.99 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Best friends with Amy Winehouse from the age of 13, Tyler James knew her better than anyone. To mark the 10th anniversary of her death My Amy takes us inside the life of this remarkable singer. Before and after her death at just 27, Amy Winehouse was a high profile media star, not always in a positive way. Tyler James and Amy met at a stage school, both of them insecure outsiders, and immediately formed a connection, living together from their late teenage years right up until the day that Amy died. Tyler was by her side from their carefree early years through the creation of the multiple Grammy winning Back to Black, which Amy wrote on their kitchen floor. He was there from her well publicised marriage to Blake Fielder, through her escalating addictions, self harm and eating disorders as the downsides of fame became Amy’s toxic reality. For the last three years of her life Tyler was beside Amy every day as she beat her drug habit and was close to kicking alcoholism to touch as well. He knew better than anyone the real Amy Winehouse. Everyone thinks they know about Amy’s life and her death. Because of their closeness Tyler James is able to share the hilarious, uncompromising nature of her reality. My Amy is, at times, brutally honest but it’s this definitive insider’s story which shares the truth. —


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